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You may have developed your research skills across different assignments and at different points during your course, so it is good to reflect back over what you have done, and any feedback you've had, to see how it can be applied to your dissertation or project.

Doing the basics well, like planning, structuring and referencing, will provide a strong foundation and enable you to sustain your work over a longer period of time, and word count!

Day 1 (again): You drop out of grad school and get a job at Pizza Hut.

That’ll show those assholes at Wendy’s for firing you.

Just before the new Big Bang occurs, you add the final word to your dissertation.

Every atom of your being is blasted across the vast expanse of space. You also realize that you forgot to save any of the changes you made to your Word document over the last several billion years.You try to play Minesweeper on one of his computers, but the technology is confusing, and you press the wrong button. What feels like mere minutes to you takes countless millennia on the outside. : You have almost finished writing your dissertation (you are also really, really good at Minesweeper). You tell yourself there is still time to add that footnote on Foucault.You do not require food, drink, or sleep in this place. There is nothing but a desk and a computer in front of you. Day ∞: The universe collapses into an impossibly dense singularity.Dissertations and major projects can seem daunting, as they are probably the biggest piece of work you've done and worth more marks than most other pieces of coursework.However, the good news is that a dissertation or project isn't something totally new; it brings together the research and writing skills you have learned throughout your course and gives you an opportunity to apply these to a topic that interests you.Then, review the following important resources, which will guide you through the final steps of completing your degree.Use this online committee requirements tool to help you determine whether your proposed committee would meet the Graduate School’s minimum requirements for committee members.It’s not much, but it’s enough to support you while you make a real push on your first chapter. Everyone at the university forgot about you for centuries, until you were purchased as cargo for an interstellar voyage.You sign the waiver and step into the cryogenic chamber. He tells you that the next habitable planet is eight light years away.Day 751: It’s been two years and you’ve only managed to write ten pages.You also get fired from Wendy’s for hiding library books in the walk-in refrigerator.


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