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Two tips here (lucky you) but basically you need to manage your time in writing the essay and manage your whole exam time.So firstly, you have to leave yourself enough of the exam time to do your essay.Essay writing is enough of a struggle when there isn’t any time pressure.

* Before you even start writing, you need to be reading each word of that essay question super carefully. Do they specify that you need ONE, at least ONE or TWO or more related texts?

Make sure you’re following instructions and paying attention to the little things that are actually... No excuses for skipping this step because you can just do it during reading time. The kick of pure adrenaline when you start an exam can make it pretty tempting to get writing asap but save yourself a world of pain and take a few minutes to plan.

The pressure of writing essays in exams makes it sooooo easy to start rambling and just chucking idea after idea after idea onto the page.

Make a structure during your planning and be really strict about sticking to it to keep your essay as clear and strong as possible.

If you can’t, either move on and try to come back later just cut your losses, conclude that point and move on.

Not every essay will give you source material (a picture or quote that you have to refer to) but you will always have a verb or keyword in the question that tells you how to position your argument.

When it comes to unexpected source material, here are some tricks and tips and when it comes to the keyword, let’s start by having a look at three questions pulled from the 2016 Advanced English Paper 2.

All those instructing verbs and keywords came from just one paper so brush on up exactly what they mean and how to use them to anchor your essay.

Keep your paragraphs to a regular structure like PEEL/PEAL (point, example, explanation/analysis, link) so you have a clear idea of when you’ve written enough in each paragraph and when it’s time to just move on.

Memorising essays gets a little controversial but I think we all agree that you need to, at least, have a few ideas and potential essay structures going into that exam room.


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