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You can even make it easy on yourself by saving different versions of your resume.For example, maybe you have a video editing-focused resume that helps you get videography jobs, and a nonprofit-focused resume to help you land speaking jobs. No one cares about your education As someone who recalls the university library with warm fuzzies, I get it.

In the creative field, your work is what gets you hired, not your pedigree.

Sure, if you went to SCAD for illustration and want to get hired as a calligrapher, it makes sense to emphasize your education.

To ensure you’re painting yourself in the best light, always aim to draw attention to the skills and experience that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for.

For example, if you don’t have much work experience yet, choosing a layout that places an emphasis on your skills and education is a great way to make the best of what you’ve got – and those in industries that require certain expertise (e.g.

I put together 12 resume tips that’ll help you take that exciting, fulfilling jumble of creative work and turn it into a resume that can actually get you hired. How do you decide what information to actually include? Take a look at the job or freelance gig you want to get and ask yourself which parts of your history really qualify you for the job.

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And if you want a simple guide that outlines all the tips here and more, don’t forget to download The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Resume here! It’s not just easier on the eye to look at an airy resume like Irma’s—it also forces you to include only the most pertinent info. And don’t worry if this exercise leaves some gaps in your resume.So only use them if you’re confident it’s the right thing to do for the role.If in doubt, keep it as clean, concise and simple as possible – just in case.It can be hard to let go of your educational conquests.But in most cases, your education isn’t the MOST important quality that will make you great at a job.Maybe you hop from exciting project to interesting collaboration every few weeks or months.Or maybe you have a full-time job, but you also do TONS of creative work when you’re not at the office.In 2011, I spent 6 months trying to have a “real job” at a law office, 2 months cooking in a Michelin-starred kitchen in Ireland, 1 month traveling around Europe, and 3 months starting my graduate degree in English and managing student art shows. I seemed like a distracted cat jumping between balls of yarn and those tiny mice with bells in the middle.And these days it’s not that much easier to put my work on paper.Photoshop or MS proficiencies) will benefit most from making your skill levels in your CV.And remember: although they work particularly well for marketing and graphic design jobs, non-traditional CV layouts aren’t a good idea.


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