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So, generally, psychology is the science that examines the soul.

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University library based academic databases are a great start for researching your topic.

Most universities have access to such academic psychology databases as PSYCHNET or PSYCInfo.

Everybody, also, wants to improve his behavior, so as to live in harmony with himself and the society.

The Greek word Psychology, is a word consisted of the words ψυχή-soul and λόγος-utterance, talk.

You are more likely to recall information you’ve keyed into with your highlighted when it comes to organising your essay.

Additionally, you will have the information readily available with the appropriate reference.The way we eat, the way we drink, the way we walk, we talk, are behavior.The construction of a bridge, the composition of a song are behavior.Use of statistics related to a problem, such as the number of people with learning disabilities, the number of people diagnosed with schizophrenia, etc.can help focus the reader and add a sense of urgency.For example, if your assignment is to write an essay on the neurological antecedents associated with schizophrenia don’t just focus on schizophrenia and antecedents or you may end up writing an essay that is not focused and targeted to your assignment.This is also the time to plan your method of attacking the essay; how much time will you need for research, how much time to write the paper, etc.If you are a prolific writer, you may decide to skip this phase.However, for the college essay, preparing an outline serves as a method of organising your work and creating a roadmap. Careful preparation of the outline will assure all areas related to the topic are covered properly, keeping like information together.Since our infancy we learn about behavior through the experiences and the knowledge that we get by observing other people or having relations with them. Psychology comes to give answers to all this uncertainty.Living in society leads us to watch and try to explain the way people behave. Therefore, according to modern psychology, the term behavior means all the conscious, unconscious, verbal, mental and kinetic expressions of ourselves.


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