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This type of structure is similar to the block structure used for cause and effect and problem-solution essays.For the point-by-point structure, each similarity (or difference) for one object is followed immediately by the similarity (or difference) for the other. The former is easier to write, while the latter is generally clearer as it ensures that the similarities/differences are more explicit.

The body paragraph(s) after the introduction describe characteristic(s) of the first subject.

Students should provide the evidence and examples that prove the similarities and/or differences exist, and not mention the second subject. For example, The benefit of this format is that it allows the writer to concentrate on one characteristic at a time.

The student could end with a personal statement, a prediction, or another snappy clincher.

Just as in the block paragraph essay format, students should begin the point by point format by catching the reader's interest.

On the right side, writes characteristics for the student. This outline provides a framework for the 5-paragraph essay.

Each part of the introduction, body and conclusion is represented. Use this page to begin shaping the thesis, introduction, body and conclusion of the essay. 4 Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizer 3 Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizer Five Paragraph Essay Outline...The drawback of this format is that there may be some imbalance in treating the subjects to the same rigor of comparing or contrasting.The conclusion is in the final paragraph, the student should provide a general summary of the most important similarities and differences.There is also an example compare and contrast essay on the topic of communication technology, as well as some exercises to help you practice this area.For another look at the same content, check out the compare and contrast essays infographic ».This will help the essay sound connected and not sound disjointed.In the final concluding paragraph, the student should give a general summary of the most important similarities and differences.A compare and contrast essay examines two or more subjects by comparing their similarities and contrasting their differences.Compare and contrast is high on Bloom's Taxonomy of critical reasoning and is associated with a complexity level where students break down ideas into simpler parts in order to see how the parts relate.After completing this worksheet, students will be prepared write the rough draft and begin refining the language. This is a Venn diagram comparison organizer for a story character and a student.On the left side, write characteristics for the main character in the story.


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