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It’ll just trail off into other subjects, so keep your points consistent and relevant. Hi I need help I would like to know how to structure and write a comparison essay on poems but the thing is I am not strong on the layout.Thank you Hi, I am currently studying A Level English Literature so what I'm going to tell you may be slightly advanced so feel free to ask my any questions.paragraph 1 = about the similarities in form, for example.

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Write Comparative Essay Poetry

Thank you Paragraph 1: Poem 1 Paragraph 2: Connecting sentence (e.g in contrast/similarly)...

But remember, when you are comparing poems, you are finding BOTH similarities AND differences so don't be afraid to write about anything different between the two poems.

I would begin, in a plan, but listing things that are similar or different about the poems, e.g.

poem 2 Repeat this structure until you’ve made enough good points (abt 4) and conclude with overall poet names present _______ through ________ Usually I do the format of: Step 1: 2 - 4 Developed Points of Poem 1. Paragraphs here don’t really mean much to me, as long as the points are developed and linked to the question, including the clarity made of each point, making sure it is clear.

But if you were to put into paragraphs, most likely to do 1 for each point.


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