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The employing department will instruct the student regarding the procedures for entering time in Workday.

Off-Campus: Beginning July 1, all student workers will enter their time on [email protected]

The Student Employment Office may provide the student with additional instructions on how their supervisor will approve their time each week.

A student cannot be paid for lunch, holidays, sick time, and other time off, or for receiving instruction in the classroom, laboratory, or other academic setting.

A work-study student may only be employed off-campus by a nonprofit organization or government agency.

The student cannot begin working until all required paperwork is completed by the student and employer.

In order for an off-campus employer to employ work-study students, the employer must sign an agreement with the University that will obligate the employer to pay a 30% matching share of the student’s gross earnings up to the maximum amount of the student’s academic year work-study award.

Normally, employment in a foreign country is not permissible under the law. government facility such as an embassy or a military base.

Work-study employment can benefit a student in several ways: If a student chooses not to use their work-study award, it will not affect the student's current financial aid package, or future eligibility for work-study.

Students can choose to replace their work-study award with a loan if they prefer.


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