Women'S Rights Movement Essay Conclusion

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Although women work for longer hours compared to men, they still earn two thirds of the salaries men earn for the same jobs.Women earn an average of 77 cents on a man’s dollar (Lawson).

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Before 1918 only men were allowed to vote in parliamentary elections (“Women and The”).

Women who lived prior to the 20th century served for only one function: to be a slave and to work without questioning the place that they had been forced into (“A Recipe For”).

From days of yore, women have stood behind men as unwaveringly staunch supporters and companions.

Women have been conceived as if they were intellectually inferior much less capable of leading a political organization.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton demanded political equality and voting rights for women (“Declarations of Sentiments”).

She utilized prose and language similar to famous lines from the Declaration of Independence of United States of America (July 4, 1776) to bridge women’s rights directly to the equality and freedom that patriots fight for during the American Revolution.

Nonetheless, early feminist movements were met and faced with utter animosity.

Still, many women found means to exhibit their courage, intelligence, and leadership.

In the past, women’s views were not openly expressed except to their husbands yet even then it was said to be dangerous to be confrontational.

This all changed when female literary figures started to pen their thoughts in forms of literature and writings.


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