Where To Send Self Assessment Paper Tax Returns

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You pay income tax on money you gain from employment or self-employment, and on some other forms of income including some pensions and benefits. Remember that income tax isn’t the only tax you have to pay in the UK that comes out of your income.

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If that’s you, you’re eligible for UK taxes including income tax.

However, while you should always check, if you’re employed you may well still not have to file a tax return. As explained below, there are rules to ensure that you shouldn’t have to pay tax twice on the same income, something called double taxation.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to pay UK income tax, though - you might just need to fill out a non-resident tax return anyway.

As a general rule, if you’re a non-resident, you don’t pay UK income tax on foreign income. (Source 1 Source 2 ) Foreign nationals living in the UK do have to pay UK tax - they use the same system as British nationals, either contributing via Pay as you Earn or submitting a tax return with Self Assessment.

This isn’t just for income tax, but also for National Insurance and potentially other things including student loan repayments.

Again, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a UK citizen or a UK resident - if you’re earning money in the UK, you’ll probably have to pay the taxes.

If there’s a second country involved, however, things can get more complicated - read on to see how the situation changes if you’re a British citizen living abroad, or a foreign citizen in the UK.

(Source 1 Source 2 ) As just mentioned, UK residents have to pay UK income tax on all their income, with the exception of ‘non-doms’ (more on that in the following section on expats living in the UK).

So watch out for the earlier deadline at the end of October.

If you’re late, you’ll often have to pay a penalty.


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