What Is Problem Solving In Psychology

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Let's talk about different types of problems and different types of solutions.Educational psychology has broken down problems in two different ways.

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However, in more advanced years or in more advanced subjects in school, teachers might present students with non-routine problems that require skills and subjective solutions.

For example, the ethics of social issues such as the death penalty, or the role of civil rights in laws, or themes in famous literature, might be considered non-routine problems.

In contrast, a non-routine problem is more abstract or subjective and requires a strategy to solve.

Routine problems are what most people do in school: memorizing simple facts, how to do addition and subtraction, how to spell words, and so on.

Another solution that many people use to solve problems is called heuristics.

Heuristics are general strategies used to make quick, short-cut solutions to problems that sometimes lead to solutions but sometimes lead to errors.Heuristics are sometimes referred to as mental short-cuts, and we often form them based on past experiences.You have probably used heuristics all the time in your daily life, maybe without knowing what they are called.While this might be true in many cases, it's not necessarily always true.So, using this strategy does make for a quick decision but it could backfire.Non-routine problems require more complicated or creative problem solving strategies.Let's talk about problem solving strategies now and go over several possible options.In contrast, a poorly-defined problem is the opposite.It's one that is unclear, abstract, or confusing, and that does not have a clear problem solving strategy. If your teacher gives you a quiz that asks you to list the first ten U. Presidents in order and name one important historical fact about each, that would be a well-defined problem.The second way that educational psychology has broken down different types of problems is by making a distinction between routine and non-routine problems.Just like the name indicates, a routine problem is one that is typical and has a simple solution.


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