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You will probably find some of the statements easy to judge but other statements difficult.

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One of the aliens looks down and is very confused by what he sees.

You explain that there is a game going on and he asks several important questions.

Choices D and E are incorrect since by emphasizing that certain aspects of the product — its design and raw materials — were the same in the standard process and the new process, these two answer choices support, rather than cast doubt on, the conclusion that the process itself produced the savings. Passengers must exit airplanes swiftly after accidents, since gases released following accidents are toxic to humans and often explode soon after being released.

In order to prevent passenger deaths from gas inhalation, safety officials recommend that passengers be provided with smoke hoods that prevent inhalation of the gases.

Passengers delayed in exiting the plane are more exposed to the risk of a gas explosion.

Choice A says that the hoods would delay passengers and is thus the best answer.

Choice A is incorrect; the fact that the managers had hoped for cost reduction of fifty percent does not cast any doubt on their conclusion that the new process had produced at least some savings.

Choice B is incorrect since finding the source of the cost savings in the trial shows that the savings were no mere accident and so reinforces the managers' conclusion.

For instance, closed questions tend to limit the thinking choices available for students.

The same with questions that promote factual recalling.


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