Wedding Photography Business Plan Sample

On a basic gut level, you may have an idea that a certain type of photography would be popular in your area or that there is a certain market demand not being met.

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Of course, each of those businesses come with their own shortcomings, but the idea is clear.

Naturally, knowing what the market needs first requires you to know your market.

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It can take years just to settle on the answer to the most basic question: “What will my product be? These are the things you need to know before going into business, not after. And there are a multitude of different ways to structure your plan as well so I in no way mean to imply this is the only way. Who do you provide those services to (companies, individuals, a specific market segment, etc.)?

” Of course, your product will be a photograph/video. I’ve written extensively about ways to determine your niche in the past, so for this article, I’ll assume you’ve already done that heavy lifting and are ready to turn your passion into profit. But here are some of the basics I started with that I have found helpful. Why do you provide those services (to ensure customer satisfaction, to make the world a better place, etc.)? And within those categories, what specific products do you offer?Let’s say you want to be a commercial advertising photographer and you have developed a niche for shooting super saturated imagery.Next step would be to get a sense of whether the market you inhabit can sustain that business model.Your wedding is going to be one of the greatest times of your life.With it's rustic foliage of vivid reds and golds, the fall season is the perfect backdrop for you and your family and friends to share in your big day.Today begins a three part series on building a successful business plan as a photographer.The topic deserves its own full book, but hopefully these essays will give those of you just starting out a primer on things you need to consider when turning your hobby into a profession.But, personally, I’ve found that a little bit of planning has gone a long way in my being able to not only create art consistently for over a decade, but also to continue to pay my bills in the process.When you’re just starting your business, you will have 101 different questions to answer and very little information on which to base your answers. Depending on the complexity of the operation or product, a business plan can be one page or one hundred pages. What services do you provide (photography, videography, etc.)?Everyone knows that step one to starting a business is to write a solid business plan.Of course, I understand that we as artists don’t always do things according to the book, and it is perfectly possible to run a business without a written document.


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