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The purpose of this paper is to describe a hypothetical care plan for a newly diagnosed diabetic, including case management model used, initial and ongoing educational needs, and data collection and evaluation.Case Management Model Jane Doe has and complications are provided.

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A baseline assessment should be carried out and documented, and repeated at regular intervals in order for Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a growing disease in the United States.

When developing a care management plan for new diabetic patient, several areas of education and resources should be considered.

On returning Irene to the ward after surgery, a pain assessment would be made.

To do this Heath (1995) suggests that the nurse determines the onset and duration and location of pain through observation asking the patient questions.

When a nurse is forced to work short on the floor, there may be some details in a resident’s care that are left undone.

This type of behavior can lead to minor problems, such as the inability to ensure a resident’s personal body alarm is in place, or In the article “Addressing staffing shortages in an era of reform,” Stanford point out that in a time when change is necessary because of mandated healthcare requirements, there is a shortage of nurses in the field of direct patient care, because they are offered jobs with better pay to oversee office positions.The department of health Clinical Governance and Adult safeguarding (DH 2010 Page 14) guidance states “There is no formal definition of vulnerability within health care although some people receiving health care may be at greater risk from harm than others” however this document goes on to quote No secrets (DH 2000 Page 8) which defines a vulnerable adult as someone “who is or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness; and who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself, or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation”.People are generally more vulnerable when their health or usual function is compromised, vulnerability is increased by a change in surroundings, situations and relationships.It applies to those aged 16 and over with potentially 1.2 million people directly affected and will include those with dementia, learning disability, brain injury, mental health problems and autism.Scotland has similar legislation in place with The Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000.” ( This is in place to protect the client’s autonomy, but also protect those who are vulnerable from various forms of abuse.Special consideration needs to be taken when working with the physically frail, mentally ill, those with learning disabilities and children to protect these groups from abuse.(NMC 2006 Page 1) The Mental Capacity Act 2005 “applies to England and Wales and provides a statutory framework to empower and protect vulnerable people who are unable to make their own decisions.Methods A Medline search was performed using the terms 'critical illness', 'transport of patients', 'patient transfer', 'critical care', 'monitoring' and 'intra-hospital transport'.All information concerning the intra-hospital transport of patients was considered.The information usually required in the assessment of a depressed patient is biographical details; height, weight and changes in weight, a full set of effectively.Importantly, this involves pain assessment and co-operation from the entire health care team.


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