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The visualization of Positioning-Roulette now provides this visual frame of reference (the big picture), allowing you for the first time to think through your positioning options visually.

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The idea here is to randomly pick one positioning territory from each category (context, connection, content) and then try to combine them into one coherent positioning platform.

For example, how would you position your brand if you were to combine the following: (2) Evaluation and optimization of a positioning strategy Another way to use this model is to plot your existing positioning strategy in this framework and to understand what territories it taps into (or doesn’t).

Let me know what you think and how you have applied it.

Positioning Roulette Flashcards The model is easier to understand and work with with the best-selling Positioning-Roulette flashcards.

I call this the “brand’s center of gravity.” It should be clear, though, which territories in the other two categories are being used to position the brand.

Ideally, there should be a connection to one of the territories in each of the three groups (context, connection, content).

Each of the 26 territories should then be looked at from two different perspectives: Obviously, the model is easier to use once you’ve become familiar with the 26 territories summarized in Positioning-Roulette.

There are two primary ways to use this model (1) Generation of positioning ideas This model can be used to generate strategic ideas (hypothesis) when trying to position or reposition a brand.

Doing so will lead you to a rich number of potential solutions and allow you to explore your positioning exercise from a 360-degree perspective.

A more creative way to apply this methodology, but also a slightly more challenging and rewarding one, is to purposely create “forced connections” between the territories, which is another well-known creative problem-solving technique.


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