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When analyzing an image, describe the artwork as if you are presenting it to someone who has not seen the picture.

When analyzing an image, describe the artwork as if you are presenting it to someone who has not seen the picture.Present important features that make it intriguing and how the features contribute to the overall picture effect.Soto uses circles, spiral graffiti to make the earth look polluted.

The type of introduction will depend on the type of assignment, the purpose, and the text.

For example, a historical photo is an example of an image with a purpose.

The figure in the foreground depicts an overcrowded ship that is seen as desolate in a polluted landscape.

The bottom of the picture is gray with the sky painted blue and green.

That argument is what your thesis statement should be.

A thesis statement should be written to reference every argument of the essay.This is where you first come into contact with the reader, so you need to have all your arguments laid out clearly, your thesis statement, and any relevant background information.The best way to write a thesis is to take all of your research and work out what the fundamental point of your work is.Even though the photo was used to raise funds during Russian famine, the images still speak to the audience today who are not aware of the severe consequence of famine in Russia.The image brings to mind the effects of famine all over the world.Photos have been used to draw the audience response to dire situations that need public intervention.One of the photos taken by Fridtjof Nansen depicted Russian famine.Each body sentences should start with a topic sentence stating the significance of the photo.The body of the essay should be analyzed according to the effect of the composition.Each paragraph of the body section needs to focus on a specific element like the color, the image, and text.The body needs to present evidence or relevant examples to justify your argument.


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