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After going through the essays you will know what is science and its importance in our day to day life, also how science helps in the development of a country.You can use these science essay in your school’s or college’s essay writing, debate or other similar competitions.The experimentations in the field of science have led to this change.

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Several of these inventions have become an integral part of our lives and we cannot imagine our lives without them.

Scientists worldwide continue to experiment and keep coming up with newer inventions every now and then with some of them bringing revolution worldwide.

These inventions have made communication easier and brought the world closer.

The discovery of atomic energy has given way to the invention and deployment of various forms of energies.

However, as useful as it is, science has also been misused by some, mainly by those in power, for fuelling an arms race and degrading the environment.

The ideologies of science and religion have not found any meeting ground.Introduction Science is basically divided into three broad branches.These include Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Formal Sciences.From cars to washing machines, from mobile phones to microwaves, from refrigerators to laptops – everything is an outcome of scientific experimentation.Here is how science impacts our everyday life: Mobile phones and internet connections that have become an integral part of our lives these days are all inventions of science.These branches are further classified into sub-categories to study various aspects.Here is a detailed look at these categories and sub categories.One who knows science will not be scared of natural occurrences, knowing their origin and reason.On the other hand science also plays a significant role in technological development of a nation and hence also in removing growth impediments like unemployment and illiteracy.Science involves extensive study of the behaviour of natural and physical world.The study is conducted by way of research, observation and experimentation. These include the natural sciences, social sciences and formal sciences.


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