Value Of Critical Thinking Skills

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Getting people to the polls is one of the most important objectives during elections, and people must be lured to carry out their civic duty.

Many people, especially African Americans, have lost their lives and livelihoods in a quest to vote.

It is one of convincing people to see a different manner of being; it is a matter of helping them to change their minds, to think critically.

The mental barriers are key in determining the direction that the country takes during the voting process.

A terrifying past has caused many to go into their psychological shells to protect themselves proactively from rejection and failure.

Value Of Critical Thinking Skills Good Scholarship Essays

Their notion that their vote doesn’t count becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, because many of them stay away from the polls.

Individuals can have experience and skills, but not the motivation to use them when making decisions. Weak critical thinking skills and mindset show themselves in many ways: dangerous and costly errors, repeated mistakes, bad decisions, failed systems, inaction when action is needed, the giving of bad advice, inaccurate assumptions, the poor design of training programs, the poor evaluation of educational curricula, the lack of anticipated action… We can no longer afford to be mistaken about best thinking. We cannot accept poor judgments that can lead to irreparable damage and even cost lives.

Unaddressed weakness in critical thinking skill results in loss of opportunities, of financial resources, of relationships and even, loss of life.

There are also allegations of abuses of power that sometimes surface in elections.

The Secretary of State of Georgia who ran for the office of governor during the midterm elections, was accused of having millions of people purged from the voter rolls and of using other tactics in an effort to ensure a win.


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