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A scholarship facility or a provision to avail study loans will definitely help in this matter.Reservation for category and minority students is another issue in our country.To have confidence in emerging out from one’s familiar shell and taste unexplored waters, it needs lot of courage doubled with knowledge. All the skills and specialisations derived from higher education help a person to explore unexplored territories and achieve higher excellence in life.

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These days nobody sits with a single job in hand throughout his or her lifetime.

Everybody likes to taste success at new destinations.

Motivation to pursue one’s passion for a subject: If we like to prepare a strawberry cake, we try to find out the recipe and try it at our kitchen.

Probably, the next time we may try to add some more ingredients to make it more delicious.

Both vehicles ply on the road, but to drive a car it needs extra efforts by the same person, extra skills to manoeuvre the car, etc. Similarly, let us now explore why higher education is important in one’s life: Preparing for a jump in one’s career: If you joined your organisation at the most basic level and you are ambitious to grow up the ladder, you need supportive skills.

These extra skills are gained by putting in your time and energy in a course that gives you extra edge to soar higher in your career ladder.

Higher education provides a gateway to a number of opportunities in the future.

It is like a door opening to miscellaneous pathways and one can always raise his or her standards of living by studying higher and higher in life.

Right from the esteemed institutes of technology to universities, colleges, academic centers, reservation is like a plague that hits every path that we tend to move.

Meritorious and deserving students in the unreserved category find it very difficult to have a foot hold or find an opportunity to seek a place in higher education.


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