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Soon after, established its own in absentia policy to comply with the system-wide policy, de Stefano said.This policy is identical across all the UCs in order to ensure continuous enrollment of graduate students, de Stefano said.The paper, “AIDS Was Our Earthquake: American Judaism in the Age of AIDS,” was part of a panel titled: " Regulating Sexuality in Postwar...

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still allowed students to take a free leave of absence to work on their dissertation or research even though the in absentia system has been in place since 2009, de Stefano said.

Last year, differences between the leave of absence policy and Yudof’s directive came to light, de Stefano said.

International students who want to write their thesis and can’t afford to live locally no longer have the option to go home on a leave of absence, she said.

“Eighty percent (of international statistics students) are on their own funding and are not sponsored by the university,” Jones said.Gregg Drinkwater , Ph D student in history, presented a paper on Nov.23 at the annual conference of the American Academy of Religion, held in Atlanta.Now students are expected to use the relatively new in absentia leave when they take coursework or conduct research outside of California, but must remain a student by paying 15 percent of their UC tuition and student fees.The change in the leave of absence policy could be an issue for graduate students, particularly those in the anthropology and archeology departments who do research abroad, said Edwin Everhart, vice president of internal affairs for the Graduate Students Association social sciences council and a graduate student in the anthropology department.stopped accepting dissertation or thesis writing as a valid reason to take time off to help graduate students complete their degree paths on time, said April de Stefano, director of academic services in the Graduate Division.The change hinges on the difference between two separate absence policies ““ taking a leave of absence and being in absentia.Over the summer, Gregg Drinkwater, a doctoral candidate in history and Jewish studies, conducted dissertation research at archives in Cincinnati, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.Drinkwater is writing a dissertation exploring the social and cultural history of the encounters between American Judaism and homosexuality in the post-World...In late January and early February, Jewish studies graduate student Gregg Drinkwater visited two archives in New York City to do research toward his dissertation.Supported by a Barry and Sue Baer Graduate Fellowship , Drinkwater conducted research at the American Jewish Historical Society and the archive of the LGBT...


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