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INTRODUCTION We live in a world where society has defined masculine and famine characteristics and features that have influenced our culture.

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Real men sit in a helicopter and rain death on that Iraqi family who are running for their lives.Men see violent masculinity as the cultural norm crucially due to media.There’s a growing connection in society between being a man and being violent (Jackson Katz, 2013).His point is that this subject knows no ethnic bounds, but rather bounces around from culture to culture as each one looks , I would have suggested pumping in some politics.The tough guy archetype—which is just as beloved as the American flag, apple pie, percocets and repetitive club music—also helps both men and women justify the abuse of economic and military power.In real life, toughness is not necessarily masculine, and masculinity is not necessarily tough, but if you ask American culture, it will tell you the two are the practically synonyms. The tough guise, Katz says, dictates that women must be physically objectified.Katz shows footage of the well-respected radio shock jock Howard Stern instructing women to strip and criticizing their bodies on the air. He cites the crying scene from in which the protagonist courageously gets out of a car that was destined for violent revenge.Released in 1999 by anti-sexism activist and social critic Jackson Katz, the documentary interleaves movie footage, news footage and archival photographs with editorial commentary by Katz himself. They put on the “tough guise” as a way to feel like a man, and to get the rest of this all-too-human culture to acknowledge and honor their masculinity.and its claims are far more relevant now than they were then. According to Katz, this inexorable pursuit of formal recognition fans the flames of destructive and self-destructive behaviors such as beating up other men, beating up women, drinking themselves into oblivion, drunk driving, drunk crashing, and shooting up a high school lunch room.They claim men produce testosterone which is a link to the violent lifestyle of men. I decided to look into these misconceptions and find out how true these could be so I read other literature that could be compared to my research.


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