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Top Undergraduate Creative Writing Programs-24
This program features workshops in all genres of writing, including those specializing in the short story, translation, writing for film, and style and structure.Of course, Columbia comes with a hefty tuition price tag. Hamilton college prides itself in giving an extremely broad education in writing, featuring professors who actively engage their students with a multicultural approach to writing across the centuries.

MIT might be thought of as a relatively strange choice for writers, given the schools fame for its engineering and science programs.

This isn’t entirely without merit, but the creative writing program actually offers some unique advantages.

A large, popular program of 600 students, this suggests that Emerson is providing what people need and then some.

In fact, that is well established already, as this college is very well regarded in the education it provides students.

Interdisciplinary options are available for students with their flexible approach to the study of literature, which will mix equal parts literary study with actual creative writing in fiction and poetry.

Johns Hopkins refers to their major as Writings Seminar and includes elements of a liberal arts education, including courses in the philosophy and history departments.You will need a bachelor’s degree to be admitted, and the competition will be fierce.Emerson offers undergraduate and graduate creative writing programs.What is most crucial is that you discover which college works best for you and your specific aspirations, balancing prestige, course work, cost, and location.A bad fit can prove disastrous, especially when writing requires sincere dedication and passion, which cannot flourish in an environment that doesn’t fit your desired goals.This is especially true if you enter into the Comparative Media Studies/Writing program, where students will gain competency in collaborative research across different media.For a non-traditional approach to writing, at a very non-traditional writing school, MIT might surprise you for what it can offer. The University of Virginia provides a fully funded MFA program, with undergraduate concentrations in fiction and poetry.When picking a college to attend, it is imperative that the school aligns with your learning goals and career aspirations.If the school is well regarded in its law program but not in its medical one, it is silly to go there to practice to be a doctor. If you’re going to the wrong school, you will not only lose out on the chance to study under great professors, but you will be wasting your time.Warning: They only accept 5 students per fiction and poetry, meaning competition is excessively fierce.All of the above schools have their advantages and disadvantages.


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