To Kill A Mockingbird Objective Test And Essay

In other words, the other characters in the play or narrative do not usually hear the words of the speaker. What would he/she tell the world if it would listen? Before the monologue, in a short paragraph, tell who the speaker is, where he/she is (set the scene visually), and tell what has happened in the life of this character so far (very briefly: like "this is after such and such" or "before the blank happens." This link to monologue may help, but if you just write from the character's heart, you will probably know what you want to say.

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What he or she says represents his inner thoughts and feelings.

He or she may not have an audience other than the reader or the theatre audience.

Write about any of the following: interests, relationships with other characters, personality, problems that face him or her, and or anything else that you think will help your reader understand that character better.

To help you get the information you need, first fill out a chart like the one that follows.

A eulogy is given by someone who knew the person well or by someone in his or her family.

The eulogy is generally more personal and the audience is all the people in attendance at the funeral or memorial service.Letter Choose one character from column A below and write a letter from him or her to the character you choose from column B below.The letter should be written as a personal letter and should include all the important details you think that person would include in a letter.Use a real news story as your model for writing this story. To get more examples, read the stories on the front pages of newspapers to get the sound and structure of a common news story. Other types of articles are found elsewhere in the newspaper).As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 79,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more.In other words, the relationship you create between these two characters will help you know just what to write in the letter. Obituary/Eulogy An obituary is a newspaper account of a person's death and life.It generally includes the main events of his or her life, the person's family, and any special accomplishments from his or her life.The body of the essay may be two to four paragraphs, depending upon how much you have to say.Character Study Choose one of the main characters and using words, paint a word portrait of him or her.If the person's death was "famous," there might be details of the circumstances.The audience for the obituary is the general public.


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