To Kill A Mockingbird Coming Of Age Thesis Statement

To Kill A Mockingbird Coming Of Age Thesis Statement-68
This stage in life isone of the most important and most popular themes in literature.

This stage in life isone of the most important and most popular themes in literature.The coming of agetheme is found in one of the one of the best coming to age stories that have ever been President George W.There comes a time is each person's life when they reach the point where they are nolonger children, but adults.

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The coming of age is celebratedalong with birth, and death because it is known as a universal life crises.

Evokinganxiety, these crises often elicit passage rites.

Rites for males are usually more elaborate and dramatic andgenerally involve the community more than do those for females.

Among the African Gusii, for example, girls are at about age nine, boys at twelve years old; Thonga boysmay be sixteen.

In some places in North America, the ritual is individual where as in Africa and Oceania the ritual can becollective.

A plain Indian adolescent boy undertakes a vision quest; he goes out aloneinto the wilderness, endures hardship, and seeks a vision from his animal guardian spirit;if he gets one, he returns a man.In Dan Clark's 'The Circus' , it is obvious how this youngman realizes what being kind really means.Clark states that 'We didn't go to the Circusthat night but we didn't go without.' (1995, pg.Such rites maintain adult male togetherness and strengthen cultural continuity.Theyresolve boys conflicts about sexual identity and establish clear attitudes toward fathersand mothers.Yet a different way for these rituals is group rituals.These often takes months oreven years, as among many Australian aboriginal tribes.4) quote demonstrates that the youngman realizes that it is more important to be generous than it was to go to the circus.Thiswas the first step of this young man's transition into the adult life.Boys rites often involve seclusion from women, hazing by older males,test of manliness, and genital operations, including circumcision.Girls rites are just asbad if not worse with things like removal of the clitoris.


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