Three Tips For Writing Great Cover Letters

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For example, if the job description outlines skills x, y and z as being required for the position, make sure you use the same language when you’re highlighting your skill set and experience.

Remember that you are writing for a prospective employer, not your best friend or a family member.

As daunting as they may be to write, cover letters are an opportunity for you to let your potential employer get to know you.

These tips will ensure you leave a lasting and favorable impression as you begin applying for positions.

While your cover letter shouldn’t read as though you cut and pasted the job description, it should mirror the language used to describe the skills and qualities required for the position.

Hiring managers and the algorithms that are increasingly being used to parse job applications are looking for particular keywords, so make sure to use them.Before you send off your materials, reread the job ad.Does it require additional materials, such as a link to a portfolio, writing samples, or recommendations on your Linked In profile?Would-be employers aren’t so interested in how much you’ll learn on the job, or that the position is the stepping stone you need to make it in a particular industry (even if that may very well be true).They want to know how you’ll contribute to the organization, so make sure the focus of your letter remains on how great you are, not the company.Pro Tip: Customizing your cover letter is actually not as hard as it sounds.Once you have one or two templates you’re comfortable with, you’ll be able to customize each letter fairly easily by swapping out certain key phrases and company-specific information.After you’ve finished a draft of your letter, give yourself some time away from it and come back with fresh eyes to revise and edit.Read it out loud to yourself to catch missing words and awkward phrasing, and have someone else proofread it.If you don’t follow the application instructions, hiring managers may be left with the impression that you are unable to do what is asked of you.Missing materials, late deadlines or cover letters that exceed one page are easy ways for potential employers to eliminate applicants.


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