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Thesis Robert Frost-82
He has an excellent power of creating characters that fairly breathe because of their superb characterization.

He has an excellent power of creating characters that fairly breathe because of their superb characterization.

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Though often antagonistic to organized religion, Frost must nevertheless be recognized as a spiritual poet who combines doubt with faith, despair with hope and darkness with light.

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He always portrays nature in a friendly light, never seeing it in anything cruel.

His descriptions tend to be earthy and of the soil and yet he sometimes reaches high aesthetic peaks particularly in the "Death of the Hired Man." In his lyrics and fantasies Frost shows his interest in Nature throughout his poems on the seasons, flowers, fruit, the moon, the stars, the sky, animals, and particularly in rural scenes.

Possibly it is because his poetry is so basic that the critics can't accept it as such and continue to seek some dark and hidden meaning, and as a result sometimes distort the real meaning.

Frost writes lyrics, fantasies, and character portrayals and always uses meter.His descriptions are not just pretty pictures but tanged of the soil.He shows what he has observed of farm life, almost a glorification of the common place, for he would rather be just a plain New Hampshire farmer, not afraid of nature nor a runaway from it either, and it is the setting of the New Hampshire farmer in particular and the New England farmer in general that he portrays with so much realism.Robert Lee Frost, was born on March 26,1874 in San Francisco.Frost spent the first eleven years of his life in San Francisco until the death of his father.But it is a very flexible meter, conversational in tone.He uses colloquialisms rather than dialects to portray the New Englander.Frost uses Nature to a great extent in his poetry, and of course it is the nature of New England.Through his close observations of nature Frost shows his deep love for it but never comes right out and sings its praises.White again, the moth also represents innocence, just as the spider and heal-all do.This model is ironic: an innocent spider on an innocent heal-all holds up an innocent dead moth.


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