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(unsorted numerical references are allowed but not recommended for large documents).The natbib style is powerful and flexible - to use more of the features, or if you are really interested, you can consult the natbib documentation.The 2009 version of the template was prepared by a student who is himself in the process of writing his phd thesis and graduating.

You will need a few files: The simplest option is to put the files into your working directory where Latex will find them automatically.

If you want to be professional then you should put them with other and files in their own folder, and then update your package library.

(January 2009): Thanks to Professor John Rawnsley in Mathematics, the files have now been adapted to work with either Latex or pdf Latex using or figures respectively. He has also fixed the page numbering problem and centred the front pages better.

(December 2006): The bibliography commands have been constructed using natbib packages to give a Harvard style of references which conforms to the University regulations.

One of the best features is a smart looking front page with a Warwick Crest on it (most people will only look at the first page - so this is a key feature).

It now conforms with the new (2017) University branding If you like the Warwick Crest you will love this, displayed large and in full colour just as it should be. it works well with Tex Works as supplied on the Warwick delivered applications Latest Addition (Nov 2018) Old branding has been removed.This template provides a full framework for writing a graduate level thesis.It is carefully structured and separated into multiple parts for easy editing.There is still no indication that a thesis prepared with this template has been received and accepted by the graduate college.The student who wrote this package can make no guarantee that this template will comply to the current rules of the graduate college.Included are the following pages/sections: a cover page, declaration of authorship, quotation, abstract, acknowledgements, contents page(s), list of figures, list of tables, abbreviations, physical constants, symbols, dedication, example chapter, example appendix and bibliography.An example chapter is included which explains the basics of La Te X and this template.Black and white logo have been removed (use printer settings instead). Please use the form available from the library - that's what they require. The new branding does not have an obvious place in the thesis.You could add a banner to each section heading, but that's not offered here. None of the files are guaranteed, but they have worked successfully for previous graduates. We have had many requests for thesis formats already set up in Te X.


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