Thesis On Gender Differences

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Research shows that men and women differ dramatically in their strategies for information processing and decision-making.

Women tend to be more comprehensive and take both subjective (customer reviews) and objective information into consideration, while men tend to favor objective information (make, model, speed etc.) over subjective information.

The findings suggest that when advertising to women, it is important to use marketing to build a personal relationship with female customers while when marketing to men, you should highlight the advantages and benefits of your products.

Comparing these 2 pins with email marketing campaigns that target men and women, we can see that the first predominantly displays items, while the latter gets more personal.

Out of the many aspects that can influence a customer’s decision-making behavior, one of the major factors is gender.

Men and women approach shopping with different motives, perspectives, rationales, and considerations.Gaining an understanding of how gender differences influence purchase decisions and recognizing gender-specific tendencies (not stereotypes!) is important for any business that sells to people – and wants to do so more effectively.According to Men tend to follow a utilitarian, more logic-based approach.You need to tell them why they should buy your products and why it makes sense for them to purchase it.To increase revenues from mobile shopping you need to adjust your mobile strategies accordingly and consider that men and women’s mobile shopping behaviors and preferences are different: A study referenced by Ad Week and the shows that men favor mobile shopping sites and apps that will save them time and cost, while women enjoy apps that allow them to browse products and catalogs, and share information within their networks.Providing good service and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, regardless of gender, is one of the most important KPI’s in contemporary marketing because satisfied customers tend to be more loyal and consume more.We can find a similar approach at who use different layouts for their Halloween campaign: men will see the individual products, while women will see how these products could look like on them.In their study on online shopping orientations, Seock and Bailey discovered that women visited more websites and contrasted different options more thoroughly than men.According to a 2013 study conducted by See Why, 57% of women purchased goods online, compared to 52% of men.However, as of today, men are more likely to use mobile devices to shop: 22.2 percent of men said they used their smartphones to shop while only 18.2 percent of women did so.


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