Thesis Feminism Paper

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Theories have been developed in different disciplines to ensure that they respond to certain issues, for instance the social construction of gender as well as sex.

Certain forms of feminism have been put on the spot or being criticized for the fact that they only take into account the perspectives of the educated, the whites and the middle class.

The power structure is normally an overall system that tends to influence the relationship between an individual as well as every other person in any selected group of individuals.

Normally the description of a power structure ought to capture ways in which authority as well as power is distributed amongst people in groups such as the governments, institutions, organizations, nations and also societies.

Some theorists believe that feminism should be called feminisms.

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The actual definition of feminism is extremely hard to come by however, the Society textbook defines it as “the advocacy of social equality for men and women, in opposition to a patriarchy and sexism.” There are three different levels of feminism, social, radical and liberal feminism.

Feminism has so many different meanings that people take it to mean very little.

You can’t really give feminism one exact meaning because it just has so many different aspects.

In our world today feminism has become so common that it appears everywhere.

Everywhere we turn, wherever we look there is a feminist.


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