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Examiners are asked to provide a written report six weeks from the date of receipt of a thesis, however may request additional time.The Graduate Research School communicates extensively with examiners and follows up outstanding examiners’ reports as a priority, however we are not able to provide details of this or about the content of the reports we have received, during the examination process.

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Once examiners are approved and a thesis submitted, the Graduate Research School sends an electronic copy to the examiners.

Theses are sent for examination as soon as possible after the nominated examiners are approved.

The Committee Signature Sheet must be completed prior to the Thesis Proposal Exam by the student and presented by the student to the Committee Chair at the exam.

This sheet will be signed by the Doctoral Committee at the completion of the exam and returned to the Director of Graduate Programs by the Committee Chair.

Staff are not permitted to provide further details of this process.

All parties are notified in writing when a thesis is classified.

It usually takes three weeks for classification (by circulation to board members).

However, if the case requires discussion at a full board meeting, the process may be delayed.

Each year the department holds a thesis proposal preparation guidance session.

Students who have completed the Comprehensive Examination are encouraged to attend.


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