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Plot – Daddy Mc Caffrey was a firefighter and he died in service.

Now his son Stephen is the head of the great team 17, the most efficient one. Hall, Nydia Rodriguez Terracina, Hollis Resnik, Don Rimgale, Dennis Liddiard, David Luckenbach, Neil J.

The supporting players are even better, especially Peter Riegert as Cosmo's less-than-comforting friend and mentor (one memorable scene has Riegert confiding to his new partner: "Every night I'm haunted by the faces of the people I've murdered, I have nightmares about them begging and crying... Speaking of Wolodarsky, he helms Coldblooded in a refreshingly direct manner, allowing a scene's quiet tension to slowly dissipate into nervous, giddy laughter.

It's a style well-suited to Coldblooded, a movie that sneaks up behind you and tickles you in unexpected ways.

Preistley, despite what you may think, is actually quite good, with his blank, desensitized gaze both hilarious and just a little disturbing.

At times, his na•ve but vicious performance suggests that he's channeling the dark side of Tom Hanks. Other cast members may not have as much to do, but each serves an important role in realizing Wolodarsky's darkly comic world view, and all turn in solid work.

90210 pretty-boy Jason Priestley stars as Cosmo, a stone-faced, directionless young man with minimal social skills who earns a meager living working as a bookie for the local mob boss.

His pathetically dull life of eating potato chips and watching ESPN is livened up when he is promoted to hit man and finds, to his surprise, that he has a genuinely natural talent for killing.

Although category coordinates were investigated in the majority of studies, synonyms, antonyms, and script relations also demonstrated priming; functional relations showed greater priming, and essential and perceptual relations showed less.

The average effect size for semantic priming was smaller than that for associative priming, suggesting that there is an “associative boost” from adding an associative relationship to a semantic one.


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