Thesis And Buddypress

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It’s was based on the simple, yet highly effective plugin Block Spam By Math created by Alexander Grau.

The WPMU version solely addressed the need in WPMU to try and control spam blog creation.

I don't get any javascript errors that I can see in my console.

I'd really appreciate anyone that might be able to help me troubleshoot this. Well, I had this issue for about a week, but only nine hours after posting this question here I randomly stumbled upon the source of the problem.

By simply adding a math question to the workflow processes (something like “what is 5 2”) you can dramatically reduce the amount of spam you have to deal with.

In fact, I rarely get comment spam and if it does get by (usually because someone actually posted the spam not a bot) Akismet nabs it.A new Word Press installation can expect to be attacked by bots within days of going live and if you have an open comment or registration process, your going to be spending a lot of time weeding out bogus blogs and comments.A year ago I released a plugin I’d been tinkering with called WPMU Block Spam By Math.If you like this plugin and want to support me, leave a comment or check out my donations and support page!Version 2.0 Update Version 2.0 of this plugin has been released.While nothing is 100% both plugins together provided some pretty nice protection.Since the release of Word Press 3 and the ever increasing use of Buddypress, I decided to combine both plugins, updated for the current code bases with a few enhancements built in. It’s still a simple plugin based on an even simpler concept but it’s proven to be highly effective at what it does.I’m fairly certain it won’t work with any version prior to 1.2.7 due to a missing hook.If you don’t have the latest version of Buddypress I recommend you look into updating anyway.I’ve been running this plugin on my other site Reality Wired for several weeks and it’s been (in my opinion) 100% effective.Another advantage is you don’t have to worry about GD2, Imagemagic or other graphics library issues when using the random image generators. Installation is simple: Buddypress Users If you are using Buddypress, the plugin has been tested against the latest version 1.2.7 using the default Buddypress theme.


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