The Village Descriptive Essay

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Our village has been awarded a cash award of ten thousand rupees by the Collector for the cleanliness and purity of atmosphere. If at all there is a dispute, they sit together and settle it amicably.

Village life is known to be calm and pure as people are closer to the nature in villages; however, it also has its own set of challenges.

We sell the extra vegetables and flowers in the market. We have several acres of paddy fields, in our village. We sell many bags of paddy and rice which are surplus. We are very careful while swimming in the canals or tanks.

This trading in paddy and rice gives us good income. Some expert swimmers guide young people while swimming.

Youngsters and children may rest in the groves in the afternoon under the shade of the trees and pluck coconuts, husk them and drink the coconut water. Children who have relatives in villages or whose parents own some acres of land in their native village may go there on vacation and enjoy themselves all through the day and sleep peacefully at night. It is surrounded by hills which are full of dense vegetation and tall trees. There is a gardener and he looks after the pretty garden, the pride of the village, very carefully.

Gardener Merges is well-known in the village as a consultant for growing plants and trees.The villagers were united and revolted against the king. Being deprived of the royal help they solely depended on farming. It is sixty kilometers away from the Bay of Bengal.Since that day they have been doing agriculture only. It looks green as there are many green trees in our village.People usually wake up around 5 am and start with their daily chores.Since most of the people in the villages sleep on their roofs they are woken up as the day light breaks.Most of the villages are full of tall trees some of which are fruit- bearing trees.You find coconut trees, mango trees, tamarind trees, need trees and plants full of different kinds of flowers. Around our house there is a big garden where all kinds of trees grow.The main occupation of our villagers is cultivation.Our village has a good name for vegetable production. All kinds of seasonal vegetables are available in good quality and cheap price. The village is very old and has a number of special features. My village is separated from other villages by the main river on one side and by its tributary on two other sides.


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