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Do you want to come up with a fresh and unique topic for your paper but every idea you think of seems already occupied?

is considered by many to be one of the greatest epic poems of the ancient world, so much so that it is still widely read to this day.

Homer was actually a blind poet so contemplating that he memorized and was able to recite the entire epic poem as well as his other work, is set, ritual was much more important than it is in modern times.

Are you worried because you have less time to complete the entire paper?

Do you feel that choosing a good topic will take longer than expected?

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If there are any specifications for the paper, you should write them down on a neat paper and keep them somewhere you can see easily Read the odyssey carefully more than a few times to develop a clear understanding.

The first reading will only be to develop a familiarity with the work.

Ulysses totally ignored the fact that the gods had given him so much though continually defying them and doing things his own way.

In the end it worked out for him but his act of being a poor guest in the gods realm added years to his journey.


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