The Negative Effects Of Homework

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Brooks has some suggestions on making things a bit easier.

“Have a calendar and a schedule and stick to it,” she says, but encourages parents to not overschedule their children.

And, it turns out, they could be experiencing some negative effects of too much homework, in particular.

As parents, we want to raise well-rounded children who will become successful adults, so we keep them active in school clubs, sports and more – and make sure they stay on top of school stuff.

Although the no homework trend may sound alarming, especially to parents dreaming of their child’s acceptance to Harvard or Yale.

There is mounting evidence that eliminating homework in grade school may actually have great benefits, especially in regard to education equity.And there benefits; they just tend to plateau around the two-hour mark for high schoolers, the study notes.So what can be done to stave off the negative effects of too much homework?Finally, if your kid is really struggling with the workload, Brooks says it might be time to talk to his or her teacher.Schools are getting rid of homework from Essex, Mass., to Los Angeles, Calif.Teens were asked about homework load/usefulness, time for other activities, stress and more.Questions included: Kids were asked to rate them on a five-point scale, from 1 (never) to 5 (always).One of the great, yet often forgotten problems with homework is how it disproportionately affects students from less affluent families.The American Psychological Association (APA) explained: “Kids from wealthier homes are more likely to have resources such as computers, internet connections, dedicated areas to do schoolwork and parents who tend to be more educated and more available to help them with tricky assignments.And not just where I teach – we live in a very competitive society.” In an effort to examine the relationship among homework, a student’s well-being and behavioral engagement, researchers looked at survey data from 4,317 students from 10 high-performing schools – four public and six private – in upper-middle class neighborhoods.With parent consent, students completed a 40-minute survey during school.


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