The Happiest Day Of My Life Essay In English

Terry, my husband, had built the set and was now backstage as the play’s director. He says, ponderously, no, he has never known happiness. He was one of fifteen political prisoners lined up in three rows of five in front of the firing squad.I had no moral support as I waited for the first line. Then the actors began to make my play come to life. He was in the third row, and as he witnessed the first two rows shot to death, he wanted desperately to live, to have another chance to do it right, to make life work.That was the one moment, he confesses, that he knew what happiness was. It has nothing to do with drifting pleasantly through life. Jim Ralston Petersburg, West Virginia ignorant girl who’d gone to New York and met another ignorant girl my own age from Grenoble, France.

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My essential mood hasn’t changed, the continuity hasn’t been broken; this is a discreet, uninterrupted of consciousness. But it was a good one, so maybe I’ll call the writing of these paragraphs my happiest moment, since it’s the happiest one I can remember right now.

I like to think of happiness as a state of being that transcends moment-to-moment life; I can’t bear to think that happiness rests (precariously) on moments. But moments are a subjective unit of time and they can be infinitely stretched. It’s the same moment as when I started writing this.

We might tell ourselves, "If only things were different, then I'd be happy." But that's not really how happiness works. Their upbeat personalities make it easier for them to be happy. Feeling some positive emotions every day has a big effect on our happiness and well-being.

Research shows that just a small portion of happiness (only about 10%) depends on a person's situation. So what does that mean for people who are born with a personality that's on the grumpy side? That's why it's so important to do things that give us positive feelings.

People who have never experienced this dream of creating a utopia on earth don’t understand the events shaping the world today.

Even my friends who were intellectually converted to socialism in college don’t have the vision I intuitively grasped that makes these events fall into place; as a society, we are blind to ideas that are perfectly clear to illiterate peasants in other parts of the world. I struggle to describe what this four-year-old felt, but my heart remembers it well. I must have understood that no one else saw the dragonfly; no one remarked upon anything out of the ordinary.

One actor, seated at stage right, was eating a hamburger and sipping coffee. The actress who was playing the waitress scurried back and forth, coffee pot in hand. By this time, the audience was attentive and very quiet. I closed my eyes when the actors delivered the lines. In this sense, Christ’s “happiest” moment must have been inexorably involved in the burden of dying on the cross, facing in action the final fear consciously, awake.

Dominating the entire scene was a soda fountain with a large banner that read . In the wonderful movie, “Twenty-six Days of Dostoyevsky,” Dostoyevsky’s young, idealistic stenographer (later to be his wife) asks him if he was ever happy.

But if they'd like to be happier (and who wouldn't? Researchers have found that more than half of happiness depends on things that are actually under our control. The things we're good at, and like to do, are our strengths.

That's really good news because it means everyone can be happier. We all have strengths, even if we haven't discovered them yet.


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