The Great Gasby Essay

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” “Yes,’ he said after a moment, ‘but of course I’ll say I was” (Fitzgerald 154).In order to understand how Gatsby became so rich one should consider a substantial influence of Dan Cody and Meyer Wolfshiem on his character formation.When the protagonist came back from the war, he was so poor that for some time could not even buy new clothes.Nevertheless, as Hermanson points out, the protagonist is more “committed to an idea of Daisy that he has created than to the real woman she is.” Self-centered Gatsby imagined himself just about the son of God and considered Daisy as a trophy, as a means of realization of his dreams.An “ideal” Daisy existed as a phantom of imagination in Gatsby’s mind, but in fact, she could not meet that image.No lesser influence on Gatsby had another shady character – Meyer Wolfshiem; he, eventually, made his fortune: “Did you start him in business? Furthermore, it is Nick who organizes Gatsby’s funeral when everybody is unconcerned.However, according to Lewis, Gatsby’s wealth and hospitality which secured his hold on many peoples’ memories were empty (47).In addition, Daisy’s love was not strong as well: “I did love him once—but I loved you too” (Fitzgerald142).Gatsby tells Nick Carraway: “My family died and I came into a good deal of money” (Fitzgerald 71).It might be argued that Gatsby’s feelings for Daisy were genuine.With striking determination he worked hard to be close to Daisy: he settled in the house just opposite, threw grandiose parties with the hope that she might appear there, arranged a meeting with her after five years of separation.


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