The Devil And Tom Walker Thesis Statements

The Devil And Tom Walker Thesis Statements-5
Irving’s story can enable students and pupils to develop their critical reading and writing skills while at the same time learning to appreciate the value and importance of “good” literature.“Tom Walker and the Devil” is one of Irving’s finest stories in terms of theme, style and language.

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These paragraphs have been chosen as they are crucial in setting the scene of the story and establishing the mood, key ideas and conclusions.The results of this project, highlighted in the article “Trading Spaces with Tom Walker: Moving the Devil out of Fourth Hour”, are briefly summarised and discussed.Irving’s short story was published in 1824 as part of Washington Irving’s collection of short stories was generally poorly received by critics, who described it as “unoriginal”.My paper discusses Washington Irving’s short story “Tom Walker and the Devil”.It argues that the story can be taught at both university- and high-school level but in different ways and suggests different approaches.In the following discussion, I emphasise the importance of developing critical understanding and a personal academic voice, questioning assumptions and the status quo, reading between the lines when reviewing literature, strengthening interpretations, and constructing persuasive arguments that can withstand rigorous critical examination.By focusing on one kind of writing, namely the literary essay, I shall demonstrate how a literary text, Washington Irving’s well-known Faustian tale “The Devil and Tom Walker”, can be used to develop critical thinking and writing.That this has been a place of misery for a very long time is reinforced by the repetition of “old stories” in lines 5 and 9.The addition of “it is well known” in line 10 establishes that the story is based on common knowledge and should thus be familiar to the reader.I raise an important question for readers and writers of academic texts: “how do we promote critical thinking that will result in writing that conforms to well-defined procedures for the collection and processing of data while at the same time maintaining and demonstrating a personal motive, approach and set of ideals?” As we engage in research, we sign up, consciously or unconsciously, to beliefs, values and attitudes of which we may or may not be aware.


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