The Assignments

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Be continually adding notes, analysis, insights etc.

to the research archive The list of 15 wicked problems is common to most cities, therefore research on how a particular problem manifests in other locales can also prove informative for your research and assignments, particularly when it pertains to how other cities/communities have attempted to resolve the problem.

Each submission should contain clear, easy to understand visuals of the work accompanied by a written description of the process along with analysis, insights and conclusions.

Collectively the assignments amount to 40% and these will be evaluated based upon in-class presentations (where applicable) and the final documentation on the Medium site.

Teams should photograph/document each stage of the evolving process for the final Medium posts.

Teams should complete the assignment on the project canvas (analog form), then photograph it in high resolution as a PDF/PNG and making necessary adjustments in photoshop to ensure legibility on the Medium site.Edit Mode ON allows you to view all of the instructor functions.The easiest way to collect assignments, papers, or files from your students is to create an Assignment in Blackboard.We have identified 15 problems facing Pittsburgh in the 21st century: wicked problem on which to conduct research and base the 5 assignments.These assignments are intended to introduce the concepts and objectives of each aspect of the Transition Design approach.You can deliver assignments to each student individually or as collaborative work for groups of students.As assignments are created, you will work in Edit Mode ON.Additional visuals in either analog or digital form may be created to further clarify the process and results.Some assignments will be presented in class critiques however the final submission of all assignments should be in the form of a post on each team’s Medium site (one site which contains all 6 assignments).You might choose to provide the option to click on photos to view them at a larger size. At the end of each assignment, teams should also turn in the final project canvases to the Design Office. All 5 assignments will be based upon gaining a better understanding of how the problem arose, became wicked over a long period of time, and how it currently manifests (affects people and society) at all levels of scale.In order to complete these assignments, teams should begin immediately to conduct research on the problem.


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