Technology Making Us Lazy Essay

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We can’t really blame them though, chatting and connecting with anyone at will and sharing our happening and getting a worldwide appreciable following and appreciation or doing, finding and seeing anything from comfort of their couches definitely feels exciting!

I get anxious after a few pages because I am trying to get to the main point and end up skimming the information.

The problem is we are always searching for information.

In academic settings, research has to be done in depth, but the Internet has made it hard to remain focused.

I agree with Nicholas Carr in the sense that I too, have begun noticing that I cannot remain focused when reading lengthier articles online.

However, permanent food resources were often difficult to find. What actually made human beings more adaptive was their inventiveness.

And each labor saving invention usually improved the quality of life for those able to acquire them.I can assure you that after twenty minutes I will have completely forgotten what I was originally looking up because of the dozens of tabs I will have open.Consequently, technology no longer makes it necessary to practice effective memorization skills.Lots of opportunities and worldwide information of each and every topic is within our reach with just a click and the comfort of our bed which was almost impossible to think back in the day, just take what i am writing for instance, i would have to be insane to think i could do this at a whim whenever i please and share it with a worldwide audience!However i do feel that deep down the line technology has definitely had a ill effect on children of today’s age of internet.In an era where all of the world’s information is readily available at our fingertips, it is difficult to imagine what life was like before the Internet. people get anxiety attacks at the thought of a slow wireless connection.God forbid a webpage takes five minutes to load; we are left with rage and disappointment. Despite the fact that research on the detrimental effects of the Internet is still young, there is no doubt that the Internet is changing the way one thinks, but it is not necessarily making one “dumber.” What it is doing, however, is bringing to light some bad habits that are affecting the way we process information.Everything else was either already there or unfortunately not.Once food was acquired, play or rest became de’ riguer.We try to be efficient with our time, but we end up picking up bad habits that are making us appear “dumber” to older generations.When reading an article, I know there are words that I have to look up, that usually lead me in a completely different direction.


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