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He goes to the lake and Princess Odette for gives him.

He goes to the lake and Princess Odette for gives him.Rothbart seeing what is happening makes a big storm and they both drown.Most performances today are based on this 1895 version. Scène—The curtain rises on Prince Siegfried's birthday party. Wolfgang, his tutor, introduces a band of peasants to the merrymakers.

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The prince dances with her and asks for her hand in marriage. Siegfried follows Odette to the lake and begs her forgiveness. The dancers who performed in the ballet's premiere declared Tchaikovsky's music to be simply too difficult to dance to.

But it's not Odette – the mystery woman is the daughter of the evil von Rothbart, Odile. She says she forgives him but nothinf can change the fact he broke his vow. Music of such richness and depth was not, they thought, the kind that should accompany their balletic moves.

Today, the ballet is adored by young and old: from the graceful Waltz in Act I to the playful Dance of the Cygnets, this is wonderfully innocent music.

Tchaikovsky evidently enjoyed composing the music for , writing far more material than would ever be required.

Odette goes and sees what is happening and rushes to the lake.

Prince Siegfried notices her and runs after her because he notices that he has broken the promise.

Act 3: Guests arrive in Siegfried's castle for the selection of the Prince's bride. Danse du corps de ballet and des nains.—All dance, including a group of dwarves.

Odette and her friends return to the lake as swans.

Tchaikovsky's magical ballet tells the story of the doomed love of Prince Siegfried and Princess Odette.

Prince Siegfried goes out hunting one night and chases a group of swans – one of them transforms into a young woman, Odette, who explains that she and her companions were turned into swans by the evil Baron Von Rothbart.


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