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"The freshmen are scared to miss class," one upperclassman said."They think it’s still high school and you’ll get in trouble. Nothing’s really going to happen to you." Apparently losing quiz points or missing part of a lecture didn’t qualify in my students’ minds as "bad things." Their final suggestion to instructors to get students in their seats on time: Be entertaining.Power Point lectures — and, in fact, most lectures of any kind — clearly fell in the "boring" range.

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This time the majority of the class had a hand in the air, even those who often arrived tardy.

Closer questioning revealed students were more involved in the class after the 10-minute mark, meaning that any late arrivals were more distracting.

That day last fall in class as I watched all of those students stroll in late, I knew something had to change.

So instead of seeking more advice from an instructor’s point of view, I decided to go to the students for answers.

Research Setting The research was done in Xavier University Highschool- Ateneo de Cagayan, Cagayan de Oro City.

June 1999 marked the beginning of co-education at XUHS and the Data Collection Procedure A researcher-made questionnaire was given to the respondents to find out about the factors that lead XUHS students of being tardy.

" Their first answer took me by surprise and was the clear winner in all of their suggestions: shaming. ‘Smith’ stops class if we’re late," a female student said.

"Then he says something like, ‘Jane, how nice that you decided to join us today.’" "That really works? "Yeah, I don’t like when the professor talks to me in front of everyone," she replied. Next on their list was extra credit given within a brief window at the beginning of the course for doing something simple — like writing their names on a sheet of paper, or answering a simple question from a previous class.

" I was shocked when only two students raised their hands.

Students indicated that as long as their classmate entered quietly, they did not care if he or she arrived within 10 minutes of the start of class.


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