Sustainable Living Essay

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Read more in our background information on electricity and energy use at home.

Over 40% of typical household rubbish bag or wheelie-bin contents could have been composted, and an additional 30% reclaimed as useful materials - including metals, paper, card, plastic codes 1 & 2.

Decide what carbon emissions you want to measure in your household, see our guide to using the free carbo NZero calculator.

If you measure your impact now, you can more easily track your changes later! We often miss chances to share our car travel or use buses, and our increasingly heavy human bodies lack the healthy exercise that we could get from walking or cycling, instead of driving, especially on shorter journeys.

Read our background information on waste issues at home.

Also read background information on shopping impacts and choices.Open tips on farmland are now rare (photo shows a rural district's pile of glass bottles stockpiled, until recycling prices rose) but the modern engineered landfill sites are very expensive to build and maintain, as they have to contain toxic liquid leachate from below and the methane gas emissions to air created by decomposition of food and garden materials without oxygen.Methane is a more-damaging 'greenhouse gas' per molecule than carbon dioxide.The downloadable learning guides (password accessed) explain why action at home is a really good start and dies add up to significant difference.Our free action page and registering to get access to learning guides/courses will take you on to the next practical steps. We're updating our background reader about sustainability in New Zealand - republished here soon.In response to the challenging global picture, you'd want to know first what the top issues are in NZ and then how you can do your bit towards creating sustainability.Sustainable Living Education Trust can help you with accurate, independent information.If all humans on earth lived as we do we would need several planets, but there's only one available to share.You might have seen which features some NZ examples.Energy efficiency is becoming a crucial public issue in NZ, so the recent 'warm Up NZ' programme to subsidise house insulation for healthier homes, was one welcome response, also bringing health benefits.Interest is growing in electric vehicles too, although the energy involved in making them is still 50% of the total energy required in the vehicle's lifetime, whatever its 'fuel' type.


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