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Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Strikes first became important during the industrial revolution, when mass labour became important in factories and mines.(Setiawan 2009) Responses to strike involve shutting down the factory, contracting work, continuing the operations, or changing the employees. Employer and employees have their own solutions to break this impasse. “A lockout is a refusal by the employer to provide opportunities to work.

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In 2003, California has the longest supermarket employee strike and lockout in US history.

That action led to a nearly 5 month long supermarket strike and lockout, and it didn’t have it from 1978. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https://

An impasse occurs when the parties aren’t able to move further toward settlement. “Boycott -the combined refusal by employees and other interested parties to buy or use the employee’s products.” (Dessler G. Firstly the term “boycott” appeared in the in Ireland in the 1800, because of the real person Charles Boycott, an Englishman who was responsible for supervision of land.

The principal weapons of offense employed by labor organizations in the warfare against employers are the strike and the boycott. His tenants asked him to lower their rents, he refused to do so, and turn out them, and after this the tenants organized a first boycott, denying him goods and services.

Two parties came to an agreement, that union and supermarkets will force workers to pay part of the cost for health coverage, and to make any rose in the contract.

After this strike chains and employees all had losses.

Management of these shops referred to the depression in the economics of state and decreasing of the profit.

Also one of the points in protest of employees was introducing to the corporate practice the emulative methods, like in the analogical chain Wal-Mart. Setiawan (2009), Advantages and Disadvantages of Strikes [Online], Accessed on: 10/12/2009.

Among demand of the employees were: reduction in employer contributions to the workers’ health insurance plan, as well as a two-tier wage structure under which new hires would be paid far less than their co-workers and obtain health and pension benefits. (2004) Employees of these chains wanted an increase in salary and also they stroked against decreasing of medical and pensions grants.

Management of these chains wanted to put biggest part on social obligations on workers, and to pay medical insurance by employees.


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