Suffragettes Coursework

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America's first female cabinet member, Frances Perkins served as secretary of labor from 1933 until 1945, longer than any other secretary.

Perkins was a committed advocate for working people, establishing the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Labor Standards Bureau.

Her extensive oral-history interviews were recorded in 1955, 1957, 1960, and 1961.

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She witnessed the historic Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911, which gave her desire for labor rights a new urgency.

Perkins served as secretary for the New York City Committee on Safety, which led a successful fight to pass 36 new state labor laws, including legislation that restricted the weekly hours for women and children and provided compensation for work-related injuries.The youngest of six children, Shorr got her start on You Tube when Perez Hilton scouted her talent and tapped her as an opening act to the Backstreet Boys for his birthday party.Taking extra coursework to graduate high school, Shorr moved to Nashville and took a gig selling hot dogs and cigarettes.As such, she led the fight against the Great Depression, playing a key role in formulating New Deal legislation.During her tenure, child labor was abolished, minimum wage and maximum-hour laws were enacted, and, through the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, workers were guaranteed the right to organize and bargain collectively.She became part of the first Song Suffragettes in 2014 and has performed at CMA Fest.City National Bank is the Presenting Sponsor for the 2017 Rising Women on the Row.After his election, Smith appointed her to the state industrial commission. Roosevelt named her the state industrial commissioner; she reduced women's work week to 48 hours and facilitated minimum-wage laws.When he gained the presidency, FDR invited her to be the country's first female cabinet secretary.The 2017 selected honorees previously announced are Tatum Allsep (Founder/Executive Director—Music Health Alliance), Virginia Davis (Managing Partner and Artist Manager—G Major Management), Kerri Edwards (President—KP Entertainment), Kella Farris (Business Manager—Farris, Self & Moore), Laura Hutfless (CEO and Founding Partner—Flyte Vu Agency), Juli Newton-Griffith (Vice President—Magic Mustang/BMG).has announced business manager Lou Taylor as the featured speaker.


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