Start Up Bar Business Plan

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Having this goal in his head while taking the course work proved to be quite valuable as it became a lens through which Stan studied all the new material.

Foosball Hall is a start-up gaming (foosball) bar primarily serving the students of Madison.

They are looking for skill oriented game that they can play in the social setting of a bar.

While there are many different pool hall bars in Madison, there are no foosball bars even though the demand is quite apparent.

The first segment is casual players of table games.

This segment enjoys playing table games such as foosball or pool in a bar setting.

The last key to success will be the constant analysis for improvement of the business model.

It will be management’s task to continually analyze the business model looking for ways that it can be adjusted to increase profitability for the business.

They play foosball to win, either with friends or in a tournament and continually work on their skills to become better players.

This segment has an annual growth rate of 7% and 12,445 potential customers.


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