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Regardless of who the leader is, it’s important for that person to communicate often and clearly with the family members involved in helping make decisions as well as those who are “on the ground” about enacting the changes that are decided upon. Without stability, you lose your built-in advantage.Without adequate governance, you don’t have adequate stability.So why is it that in family businesses, sometimes roles and responsibilities aren’t clearly outlined or assigned?

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Whether it’s due to disagreements about the company’s future, making major changes to internal policies or external product and service offerings or difficulty influencing a family member, things can get sticky and fights can break out.

Ensuring that everyone stays happy and that things don’t get ugly can be a job all on its own.

Ask the collective group to participate and share their thoughts and suggestions for improvements.

Be sure to also sit down with each member and talk about their specific roles, responsibilities, and goals within the family business.

Isaac also suggests having specific policies and processes in place to deal with family issues both inside and outside of work.

Often, home disputes don’t get left at the door and can wedge their way into the workday.

If you’re running a family business, chances are you’ve run into snags a time or two with your staff members – namely, your family members.

Knowing how best to navigate those waters can be tricky and ensuring that everyone comes out on the other side without hurt feelings takes a special touch.

It’s important to acknowledge this and make a point to approach each issue with an understanding of this fact.

Running a family business is a great way to bring your loved ones closer and create a lasting legacy.


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