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We have also developed unique classes to meet the needs of our customers.

You will receive an email confirming the success of subscription and welcoming you to the course.

You will be asked to join a learning group on Eckovation corresponding to the course that you have opted. You can complete the course before or after the stipulated course duration.

If you need to create drawings of your designs, SOLIDWORKS Drawings will show you how to make complete design documentation.

Part Modeling and Assembly Modeling will complete your knowledge of solids modeling tools and techniques.

Courses will provide an in-depth coverage of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Linear Dynamic Analysis, Non-linear Dynamic Analysis, fatigue, conceptual fluid dynamics (CFD), manufacturability of injection molded parts, heat transfer, and modal analysis to name only a few.

View each simulation course to discover what each has to offer.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical training courses target developing 2D schematics, wiring line diagrams, placing schematics in the 3D environment, and PCB design and documentation.

With a consistent, powerful, intuitive set of electrical design capabilities, all fully integrated with the SOLIDWORKS solution portfolio, designers can establish an integrated design early in the design process and avoid costly design rework.

Our Internship Portal will feature profiles of our alumni and also list internship opportunities by various organisations where alumni can apply. - The internship will be related to the skill(s) which you've acquired from Eckovation platform.

In the case of multiple skills, multiple internship opportunities may be provided. - The internships will be virtual in nature, i.e., you will be able to work on the internship project from home. - The Internship will start only after your course completion in either Summer/December Vacation depending on which comes first.


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