Solicited Application Letter

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Search for the department you are most interested in.In fact, according to some sources, a many as 70% of all available jobs are never announced or listed.However, in this kind of cover letter, you still want to be very specific about the kind of work you are seeking and for which you are qualified.Even if you have been screened by the receptionist, there might be online job postings she isn’t aware of.There is also the potential that you will come across an available position that is close to what you are looking for, which could give you a foot in the interview door.Be as specific as possible to show your enthusiasm and knowledge of the organization.Example: I have admired this company since the launch of your rebranding initiative for XYZ Co. I also had the opportunity to attend a professional development series moderated by vice president Susan Gilbert, which was both informative and inspiring.When Responding to a Job Posting If your cover letter is in response to a job listing or announcement, your job is easier – but it’s still important to state the purpose of your cover letter in the first paragraph because the typical mid-sized company receives hundreds of pieces of correspondence every day about a wide range of issues.Note that the applicant not only stated who he was and what position he was seeking but also where he saw the job listing.Keep an eye on the company website for new job postings.You will already be established and recognized as a possible candidate.


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