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Most phones will automatically generate a HTTP link, so the problem is not that people do not bother to type the web address.Instead we believe that since conventional surveys are not perceived as very interesting, people simply do not take the time to complete them.

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We argue that the best approach is to keep everything simple, invite a great number of respondents and know when to give up.

Using SMS's or SMS systems for population wide data collection is a form of "mass messaging".

In the end it got little response despite wide media coverage and a large budget.

Thus, smartphone apps seems to be a bad idea for collecting population wide data.

Using SMS's or SMS systems for population wide data collection is a form of “mass-messaging”.

Some European countries enforce an all-out ban on all SPAM like communication or require prior-consent [1].However, most users will never complete the survey.In one experiment we found that while 3,000 of 20,000 accessed the website directly with their phone, only 500 completed the survey.However, non-commercial actors like researchers are often excepted from such regulations [2].email SPAM will generate typical response rates in the extent 1 of 12,500,000 [3].Take for example “The Human Face of Big Data”, a large industry sponsored project.Their aim was to collect data from millions of users with an app [5].In particular if users find something new and interesting, they are more likely to take part.Another benefit, SMS are less intrusive than automated phone survives, which in turn can lead to a better response rate Smartphone apps are another option, but end-users dislike complicated procedures like downloading and installing apps, so the response-rate is likely to be very low.SMS; Mobile phone; Mass-messaging; Method; Survey Data collection is often tedious and costly.Mass-messaging using SMS is a fast and cheap way to initiate a new study.


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