Short Term Business Plan

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Short-term goals have an operational component, with action plans for the immediate future.They also form the action plan for achieving each of the long-term goals.

Short-term goals have an operational component, with action plans for the immediate future.

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SMART goals will outline what the assigned party will do and how they will do it, and establish a timeframe for them to accomplish them.

Short-term goals should also directly relate to one of the long-term goals.

Short- and long-term goals each have a distinct purpose in helping the board achieve its stated mission.

In determining goals for both categories, the board of directors must make a determination of where they currently are and where they want to be in three to 10 years.

If the long-term goal is to open an office, the short-term goals will be to raise a certain amount of funds by a certain date, locate a real-estate agent to help locate a facility, define when to recruit and interview staff, and establish a target date for a grand opening.

Effective goals in both categories are well-thought-out and SMART.Their charter states this as their purpose and mission.In working together toward achieving their mission, the board knows that to accomplish this, they will need to provide for basic living needs, such as food, water, shelter and healthcare for the homeless.Beyond the obvious, knowing the differences between short- and long-term planning can help nonprofits navigate their paths from the present to the future with demonstrated progress toward achieving their goals.Every board needs directors who are great visionaries.Long-term goals should have periodic milestones or benchmarks for the board to use in evaluating their progress.Let’s say that a nonprofit started up in a community with the goal of preventing homelessness in persons living with mental health disorders.Nonprofit board directors are wise to put a lot of thought and discussion into developing clear purpose and mission statements for their organizations.All of the activities of the organization, including short- and long-term goals, drive success according to their purpose.It’s not enough just to have a clearly stated purpose and mission.Nonprofit boards need to share a clear, joint understanding of the nonprofit’s core purpose.


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